Recreational Vehicles and Limitations

When choosing a recreational vehicle many people want to get the biggest possible motor home that they can buy. Sometimes this is a mistake because often the same people will then take their car and hook it to the back of their motor home and then drive out around the country.

Often when you get to state parks or areas where it is difficult to turn around you have to disconnect the car just to turn around the motor home and then reconnect the car again and to this can be a total hassle and take 15 to 20 minutes just to turn around. Had these people bought a smaller motor home they would not have had these problems.

When choosing a motor home or recreational vehicle you need to understand its limitations. Likewise when getting a motor home that is too small often the engine is not powerful enough to get out of the way from other vehicles when going up steep hills and this can be dangerous and cause an accident.

Also many recreational vehicles are not built as tough as people believe and they rattle themselves apart like a helicopter when driving down a bumpy highway. If you take a few road trips and things start to break. When shopping for a motor home you should consider all these things in advance, so think on this in 2006.

Recreational Vehicles and Towing Your Car Behind You

Many people when they purchase a recreational vehicle or motor home will look to buy the most comfortable and largest motor home possible. This makes sense for new motor home owners because they are not used to living in such a small environment and space.

Unfortunately if you get your motor home too large then it is hard to maneuver in the city and therefore you need to tow your car behind your motor home and then you end up with a very long rig, which is even harder to turn around.

If you plan on towing your car behind your recreational vehicle there are a few things you should consider. For instance you’ll need a brush guard to prevent a rock chips from hitting the front of your car and damaging the paint job. You will also need to make sure that the alignment on your car is correct so that it tows correctly. But most of all you need an excellent toll bar that has multiple swivel points and is easy to connect and disconnect.

May I recommend an aluminum toll bar, which does not weigh that much and is easy to use. I chose this Sterling All-terrain Tow Bar when researching the different tow bars available for a friend. It is easy to connect or disconnect your vehicle no matter what angle you were at. The safety wires and electrical wires always stay with the tow bar.

The tow bar stores in folded position and out-of-the-way very nicely and remains attached to the RV itself. And best of all the whole unit is made out of aircraft grade aluminum and weighs less than 35 pounds total and can tow up to 60,000 pounds and still only costs $1000 or less. Perhaps you might consider this in 2006.